VBE Meetup #1

VBE Meetup #1
4 Oktober 2023


Join us for our first VBE Meetup in Vienna! With Sarah Spiekermann, Alex Prinz and Martin Giesswein we have three great speakers shedding light on the importance and concepts behind VBE, hands-on experience and management approaches to promote digital humanism.

We are excited to see you!

Our Lineup:

  • Value-based Engineering - what it is and why it works by Sarah Spiekermann. With her talk, Sarah Spiekermann will open the stage and introduce us to VBE.
  • VBE and Digital Humanism in the City of Vienna by Alexandra Prinz. Vienna strives to be the capital of a humanistic way of digital transformation. Therefore the city evaluates the principles of VBE for their projects and is committed to the citizen-first approach.
  • Management-Guide Digital Humanism by Martin Giesswein. Informations and download options of the six step method for organisations to understand and optimize their digital impact. Based on research of WU Executive Academy and Goodshares.

Our Speakers:

Prof. Sarah Spiekermann has headed the Institute for Information Systems & Society at the Vienna University of Economics and Business since 2009, where she founded the " Sustainable Computing Lab" in 2016. She published books "Digital Ethics - A Value System for the 21st Century" (Droemer, 2019), "Ethical IT Innovation - A Value Based System Design Approach" (Taylor & Francis, New York, 2015) and "Networks of Control" (Facultas, 2016) as well as about 100 scientific articles on digital ethics and privacy. For the IEEE, as Vice-Chair, she led the development of the world's first standard for building ethical technology.

Alexandra Prinz works for the CIO of the City of Vienna. She focuses on cloud compliance, digital humanism, and IT/data protection law. She is a board member at IT-LAW.AT and a trained digital transformation manager.

Martin Giesswein is a digital humanist, author and faculty member of the WU Executive Academy. His mission is to strengthen the digital literacy of leaders as a basis for our joint future shaping. He is building digital and real communities, for example as co-initiator of DigitalCity.Wien, as co-founder of the innovation campus Talent Garden Wien, as co-orchestrator of "Community creates Mobility".

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