The Concert Event - I´ll Stay by the Window

The Concert Event - I´ll Stay by the Window
27 Mai 2023 19:30
Three weeks at the top of a Billboard’s chart, many concerts around Italy, shared on Sky TG24 (Sky Italy) and the main Italian newspapers, Italian singer/songwriter and producer Andrea Pimpini announces his first concert in Wien!

On May 27th, Andrea will perform at the Tschocherl club in Wien!

“It is my first time singing in Wien... It is a dream come true! I called it “The concert event” because it is not a simple concert. It will be a real event, there will be many surprises. I’m working on it with my team and I can assure you that it will be one of the most beautiful experiences” – Andrea

I’ll Stay by the Window is also the name of Andrea’s new album. During the event, in fact, the artist will present all his songs. It is not excluded the presence of Italian and English cover songs. The event’s set list is continuously updated: all news about it will be announced in the next months on Andrea’s social media profiles.

Andrea Pimpini is a singer-songwriter from Italy. In 2017 he made his debut at Romics in front of thousands of spectators. In 2019, together with the Greater Fool Media of Rome, the Influencer Network, Andrea publishes his first song. The following year, thanks to the initiative #iosuonodacasa and the success of the album, Andrea Pimpini´s live streams were shared on the most important Italian newspapers: Radio RAI 2, Sky TG24, Optimagazine, and All Music Italia. In 2021, Billboard features Andrea Pimpini at the top of one of its international charts for 3 weeks in a row. After releasing the first album in English, in 2022 Il Messaggero interviews Andrea.

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Tschocherl, Wurmsergasse, Vienna, Austria
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