10th Annual Product Development Excellence in Banking Summit

20 September - 21 September 2023

The ever-changing technology landscape requires companies to adapt and utilise advancements to stay competitive. AI and digitalisation enable banks to innovate and offer new products and services while streamlining internal processes. By understanding customer preferences banks can create personalised banking packages tailored to meet their needs and desires. Does it mean customers can expect to receive even more personalised financial services today? Join us for the 10th Annual Product Development Excellence in Banking Summit on 20–21 September 2023 |in ARCOTEL Wimberger Vienna! This event will cover the latest topics and challenges related to product development in banking. We will hear real-life case studies from top banking leaders and gain valuable knowledge about improving the customer experience establishing product expectations and using agile frameworks to optimise the development process. We will also discuss effective marketing customer safety and protection against cyber threats using advanced technologies. Take advantage of this interactive business conference!

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