SERIOUSLY crash-training by Narek Sirakanyan

SERIOUSLY crash-training by Narek Sirakanyan
20 März 09:09

SERIOUSLY crash training by Narek Sirakanyan is an intensive training in the shortest possible time in the form of lectures, practical tasks, games. Every day a certain number of participants will leave the training. The strongest and most motivated will reach the end.

Narek, the President of the Austrian investment and technology company Freedom International Group, will teach you big sales and how to start and develop a business without investment. The finalists of the training will open a new chapter in life, where personal effectiveness, ability to persuade and achieve goals will reach an extremely high level.

Who can take part in the crash training:

- Everyone who has a desire

What you will get:

- Business training worthed 2.000 Eur for free

- A job in an international cpmpany

- An investment for your own project

- Win a trip to Bodrum

We work with innovative products in the areas of:

- IT

- Foodtech

- Digital-marketing

- Fashion industry

- eSports

And now the opportunity to work with all our projects is really available to everyone!

Use the unique chance!

Preis Frei
Veranstaltungsort Hotel Sacher Wien ( Marmorsaal )
Philharmoniker Str. 4, 1010 Wien, Austria
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