3rd. RBI Agile Engineering Tuesday (Hybrid)

3rd. RBI Agile Engineering Tuesday (Hybrid)
3 Oktober 2023


Attention: This will be a hybrid event !!!

+++ In-person:

If you are joining us in person then please register via this Meetup event so that we can plan seats, food and drinks.

Raiffeisen Bank International AG

Muthgasse 24

Room EG107

1190 Wien

+++ Remote:

If you are joining us remotely please register via the LinkedIn event (https://www.linkedin.com/events/3rd-rbiagileengineeringtuesday7100845035784404992/comments/):


  • 17:45 CEST - Check-In / Doors Open
  • 18:00 - Welcome by David Heitzinger
  • 18:15 - Product Ownership powered by AI, Frank Bieser
  • 18:55 - What does it take for a Team of Agile Coaches to be successful?, Hannes Kieberger, Michael Rumpler
  • 19:35 - Networking, Drinks & Pizza
  • 21:00 - Call it the day

Product Ownership powered by AI
In the early days, Product Owners were just one out of three roles in Scrum. Today, POs are expected to generate substantial business value for their organization in a fast-paced environment.
So Product Owners need to grow their skills fast and impactful. Here is where AI comes into play: AI is Agile Intrapreneurship. And yes, AI as in Artificial Intelligence also plays a role.

We will talk about experiments with ChatGPT and Google Bard as tools to boost creativity. And we will discuss how data-driven decision making helps modern Product Owners to maintain a profitable portfolio of business models.

What does it take for a Team of Agile Coaches to be successful?
What does a team of agile coaches need in order to be successful? We will look at the plus and minus where and how the team is embedded in the organization. If this team needs leadership and what form of leadership. We will set this in relation to a real-world scenario to challenge the theory. And we are keen to hear your experiences in that area.

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