Play & Date (27-42 years) - ENGLISH

Play & Date (27-42 years) - ENGLISH
17 April 2024

The playful way to meet new people

At this event we don't just mix our guests, we mix the cards too! Lots of fun is guaranteed with our usual get-to-know-you block at the beginning and the following table gaming rounds with some classics and some games you will try for the first time. We mix some ever-popular games with some new inventions.

You get to know all the guests of the opposite sex by playing quick and entertaining games that require almost no explanation. Sometimes you play one on one and sometimes on a table of four. This way you get to know a lot of singles in one evening. You don't have to be a perfect board game strategist or a super creative mind - you should just be able to enjoy a few small games while having a nice conversation.

How does it work?

We host the evening in English. This event is for singles between 27 and 42 years old. We meet in a closed off part of the venue.

Registration starts at 7 pm and the program starts promptly at 7.30 pm. You will participate in fun activities that will last approximately two and a half hours. There will be a short break at the halfway point. After the event there will be time to mingle with the guests.Within 24 hours we will send the matches.

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