2nd Annual Startup Nation Meets Europe 2023

2nd Annual Startup Nation Meets Europe 2023
22 Februar - 24 Februar 2023

Employers are finding it difficult to hire. Skilled people without jobs are finding it difficult to find jobs. People with jobs must develop new skills to get ahead.

Our keynote speaker Hillel Fuld among other highly skilled speakers will help you get clear about what you really want in your professional life, figure out your new path, and create plans on how to get there so that you can move up and move forward in today's fast-paced world. Speakers and workshop facilitators will be entrepreneurs from Austria and Israel who will present the effects of innovation and technology on today's business arena. Talks and workshops will touch upon challenges and opportunities in today’s career world and offer insights into unique up-and-coming career paths and niches.

Join us for a unique 2 days event full of inspiring talks, workshops, and discussions, and find the way to make confident decisions about your future.

The conference starts on Thursday morning at 10.00 am and finishes on Friday noon at 13.00pm.

An inspiring Shabbaton weekend organized by BAYIT SEMINARS is following right after this event. For a bundle packege (For those planning to attend both), please visit www.bayitseminars.com

Preis € 49,00 - 309,00
Veranstaltungsort weXelerate
1 Praterstraße, 1020 Wien, Austria
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