"Indigenous Rock at the Gates of the Amazon" Workshop

19 September 2023 16:00

Join us for an inspiring workshop on Indigenous Cave Art at Serranía La Lindosa, an archaeological treasure nestled within the Colombian Amazon. Discover the significance of protecting this cultural heritage and engage in hands-on painting techniques guided by the facilitator, Juan Muñoz from Mundo Redondo.

Immerse yourself in the world of indigenous artwork from Colombian territories.

Gain insights into the historical and cultural importance of Serranía La Lindosa’s cave art.

Collaborate with expert Juan Muñoz to explore unique painting techniques.

Engage in a creative and educational experience that celebrates indigenous heritage.

Special Collaboration:

In partnership with the Colombian Embassy in Vienna, this event showcases the rich cultural ties between Colombia and Austria.

To ensure a personalized experience, we have limited the workshop to around 15 participants.

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