From Ukraine with Laughs: English Standup Comedy Show in Vienna

From Ukraine with Laughs: English Standup Comedy Show in Vienna
12 Februar 2023

🎭 This stand-up comedy show features the best comedians Ukraine has to offer: Volodymyr Zelensky, Dima Watermelon (yes, it's his real name) and Pavlo Voytovych (writer at Comedy Central). Zelensky is unfortunately busy with some stuff but Dima and Pavlo will make up for that.

They are both Ukrainians currently living in Germany. But don’t worry, they haven’t lived there long enough to lose their sense of humour.

"From Ukraine with Laughs" is going on a European tour after multiple sold-out shows in Germany last year a successful premiere at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where it was critically acclaimed.

"Deadpan absurdity" (c) Stewart Lee

"Slick club set with cosmopolitan, pan-European reference points" (c) Stewart Lee

Only one evening at Vienna!

💸 Tickets:

Student: 10 EUR

Early Bird: 12 EUR

Online: 15 EUR

Door: 20 EUR

Part of the profit will go to volunteer organizations in 🇺🇦 Support Ukraine just by having fun.

The show is held entirely in English.

16:30 - Doors

17:00 - Showtime

About Comedians


Dima is a professional funny person from the outskirts of Chornobyl. His unique comedic style is a mix of absurdism, social commentary and some allegedly inappropriate jokes. Self-proclaimed inventor of mumble comedy.

Being naturally funny, it took Dima many years to realise that other people might enjoy his humour as well. Since then, Dima became a regular stand-up comedian in Berlin. He also performs in London, Johannesburg, Copenhagen and Kyiv. His most recent venture is Midweek Crisis, a weekly self-produced hit open mic comedy show in Berlin.


Palya is a comedy writer, screenwriter, producer, and stand-up comedian.

Born and raised in Ukraine, confused and dazed in Berlin, Palya is still looking for the meaning of life and the best burger joint on Earth. During the day he's a comedy writer producing funny content for blue screen. Then, when the night comes, Palya replaces a keyboard with a microphone and sweatpants with his best outfit and brings laughter to live audiences.

His comedy is observational, with a spark of absurdity and satire.

Preis € 10,00 - 15,00
Veranstaltungsort Mi Barrio
2 Münzwardeingasse, 1060 Wien, Austria
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