Terms of use of mirkout.com website

Welcome to the website of mirkout.com , an online event poster.

1. Scope

1.1. By registering and using the functionality of the mirkout.com website ( https://mirkout.com ) (hereinafter referred to as the Website ), you acknowledge full compliance with all provisions of these Rules. In case you do not agree with the conditions set forth below, you must refuse to use the Site and its functionality.

1.2. These rules are developed in accordance with the current laws of and regulate the relationship between interested people (following - Users ) and Administration of the mirkout.com website (hereinafter - Administration ).

1.3. These rules are published on the Internet at https://mirkout.com/terms/ , as stipulated by the Civil Code of , is a public proposal, it is proposed to sign an agreement with any Any person interested in the conditions below. Users acknowledge their agreement with all conditions stated in these Terms. Accept, agree with User with terms defined by these Rules, are User registration events. on the Web. The terms defined by these Rules are considered to be accepted from the time of registration of Users on the Site. Such actions are considered to be conclusive and balanced with a written application of that person for his consent to these Rules. The terms of these Rules will be accepted by the User at the time of confirming his actions and accepting the conditions determined by these Rules by clicking "I agree", "Save". or similar on the web interface of the Website.

2. Terms and definitions

2.1. According to the provisions of this Regulation, the following key terms and definitions are used:

2.1.1. Website - mirkout.com site ( https://mirkout.com ) - instructions for events.

2.1.2. Acceptance is a set of User actions, expressed in the implementation of actions intended to register primarily on the Site and access the user portion of the Site to use the functionality of the Site.

2.1.3. Services - the service provided by the Administrator to the User, expressed in providing Users with the opportunity to use the Site, its functionality and providing technical support to Users when using the Site. web.

2.1.4. User is a person with legal capacity and legal capacity, demonstrating his full and unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions stated in this Code, through the registration process on the Site and use the functionality of the Site according to these Rules.

2.1.5. Administration - IP Sorokina AV, is the copyright owner of the Site.

2.1.6. Promotion objects are other commercial, political, charitable and non-commercial organizations, brands, goods, works, services as well as various activities.

2.1.7. Content - objects posted on the Website, including design elements, text, graphics, illustrations, videos, scripts, programs, music, sounds and other objects and collections their.

3. Regulations

3.1. These Rules are established by the Independent Regulatory Authority, are public preferences and can only be accepted by Users by participating fully.

3.2. If a separate agreement between the Administrator and the User establishes other rules for the provision of the Service in comparison with the provisions provided in these Rules, the rules of a separate agreement shall apply. .

3.3. Users cannot assign their rights and responsibilities when using the functionality of the Site.

3.4. The relationship between Administration and Users arising in the provision of Services is done by ese.

3.5. All rights to the Site generally, the right to use the network address (domain name) belongs to the Administration. The Management Board grants access to the Site to all interested parties in accordance with these Rules and the laws of .

3.6. These Rules establish the conditions under which the right to use intellectual property information and results (including but not limited to literary, musical, audiovisual and phonographic works, graphics and Design products, photographic works, computer programs) in certain parts of the Site belong to Users and others who create and (or) post these objects on the Site without Direct participation of administrators.

3.7. The letters, complaints, claims and wishes of the administrator, including those related to the functionality of the Site, violate the rights and interests of third parties in the use, as well as the requirements of the people allowed by ese law.

3.8. Users have no circumstances and circumstances that have the right to use company names, trademarks, decorations, domain names and other government signs. The granting of special rights may only be made on the basis of the respective agreement signed by the Parties.

3.9. Regulatory authorities recommend Users restrict actions when there is doubt about their legitimacy.

4. Register on the website

4.1. User registration on the site is free and voluntary. The user confirms that he has all the rights and rights necessary to perform the duties and rights, that his actions are not in violation and do not violate current laws of and (or) the third party rights.

4.2. When registering on the website, the User must provide Administrator with reliable and up-to-date information necessary to create a User's personal page. User Information will be required with the Website registration form when registering. Users present individual, unique logins (email addresses or combinations of letters and Latin numbers) to enter the Site, as well as the password to access the Site. The Registration form of the Site may require additional information from Users.

4.3. Users are solely responsible for the accuracy, updates, completeness and compliance with ese laws regarding the information provided during the registration process and its purity from third party claims.

4.5. When registering on the website, the User confirms his / her full and unconditional consent to the provisions of these Rules and assumes the established rights and obligations regarding the use and Site activity.

4.6. After a User submits a registration on the Site, the Administrator assumes rights and obligations to the User specified in these Rules.

4.7. The processing of User's personal data provided to them complies with the laws of . Webmaster handles User's personal data to provide to Service Users. Regulatory authorities are committed to protecting users' personal data from unauthorized access, modification, disclosure or destruction. The provision and processing of personal data of Users is done in accordance with the laws of .

4.8. Users themselves carry the risks associated with transferring usernames and passwords to third parties, taking full responsibility for their safety, independently choosing to protect and store them. User Login and password are necessary and complete information for Users to access the Site. Unless otherwise proven, any action taken by using the User's login and password information is considered to be independently committed. In the event of unauthorized access to the login and password information and / or User's personal page or disclosure of login and password information, the User is obliged to immediately notify this Regulatory Authority. way specified.

4.9. The user of the information placed on the User's personal page is the User himself, in connection with his responsibility to complete the personal page and use the information placed on it, except for exceptions. and limits established by these Rules and current laws of .

5. Handling of personal data of users

5.1. The user makes a decision to provide his personal data and agrees to treat it at his or her own discretion and in his sole discretion, except in the circumstances provided in Law "About Personal Data".

5.2. Users are responsible for providing personal data to others.

5.3. User agrees that mirkout.com Administration has the right to store and process, including automatically, all information relating to User's personal data under Federal Law "About Personal Data ", including collections, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification, use, distribution (including transfers), depersonalization, blocking, destruction of personal data provided by the user.

5.4. The processing of User's personal data is done by means of processing a mixture of personal data with transmission and not via the Internet.

5.5. mirkout.com administration is committed to ensuring the confidentiality and security of handling User's personal data.

5.6. Users (pursuant the Federal Law) agree to the administration of the mirkout.com website to process User's personal data by the Site Administrator. implementing email marketing campaigns.

5.7. In the event of a user’s consent to the processing of personal data, the mirkout.com administration deletes User's personal data and does not use it in the future.

6. Rights and obligations

6.1. The government has the obligation:

6.1.1. To provide the Service User in the manner and terms and conditions set forth in these Rules.

6.2. The government has the right:

6.2.1. Suspend the provision of the Service in the event of a breach by the User during the registration process on the Site or use the functionality of the Service and to perform the necessary verification during the execution period.

6.2.2. Perform a logo sample (photo), placed on any page of the site. Webmasters have the right to require users to place logo replacement information (photos) without explaining the reason. If the user does not meet these requirements. Site administration reserves the right to refuse to place a logo (image) on any page of the site without explaining the reason and refusing to place the page on the site.

6.2.3. Modify or delete any Content and suspend, restrict or terminate User's access to all or any part or service of the Site with or without notice.

6.2.4. Modify the conditions of these Rules.

6.2.5. Temporarily stop providing the Service during necessary repairs and maintenance.

6.3. User has the obligation:

6.3.1. Independently familiarize yourself with information posted on the Site, Service information and terms of service, including changes to these Rules.

6.3.2. Comply with the requirements of the current laws of , these Rules and other Governance documents, applicable to Users.

6.3.3. Independent provides a mode of securing login information and passwords and taking measures to restrict access to them by third parties. The Administrator is not responsible for the losses and damages caused to the User and arises due to the dissemination of login information and passwords to third parties.

6.3.4. Failure to take any unauthorized action, including actions to gain unauthorized access to other people's personal data, to administer databases, to management software, this amendment may pose a threat. threatening the normal operation of the site, not performing other actions that could be harmful Admin, other users and (or) third parties.

6.3.5. Do not abuse the right to these Rules, including not using the Service to conduct illegal acts.

6.3.6. Provide reliable, complete and up-to-date data, monitor their realization.

6.3.7. Do not place on personal page data, information and objects (including links to them) may violate the rights and interests of others and (or) lead to their future violations.

6.3.8. Ensure the legality and legality of the use and (or) location of data, information and objects (including but not limited to others' images and documents of others content, recordings and other videos).

6.3.9. Independent is responsible in the case of illegal and improper use and (or) location of data, information and objects (including but not limited to others' images, other people's content about content, audio recordings and videos).

6.3.10. Ensuring confidentiality and not providing other users and third parties personal information that has become famous to other users and other Web site applications as well as other users' privacy information and a third party without the prior authorization of the User and designee.

6.4. User is banned:

6.4.1. Register on the website under another name (fiction).

6.4.2. Give other users inaccurate information about their name, use the login information and password of another Registered User.

6.4.3. Falsify your personal data, misleading you about your relationship with others.

6.4.4. In order to take any action possible (including but not limited to downloading, storing, using, publishing, distributing and granting access) with information in violation of applicable laws of and (or) meet at least one of the following characteristics:

6.4.5. Violation of the requirements of current ese law, the use (including but not limited to downloading, storing, publishing, using, distributing and providing access) intellectual property of Users and third parties.

6.4.6. In order to carry out mass mailing of messages of different nature and content, without the consent of the User according to the process established under the laws of .

6.4.7. Use the software and perform other actions to circumvent the normal functioning of the Site and the services of the site or the user's personal pages.

6.4.8. Violation of the requirements of applicable ese laws, use (including but not limited to downloading, storing, publishing, using, distributing and providing access) to viruses and other Other malicious programs are illegal.

6.4.9. Use without the proper written permission of automated administration programs to gather information on the website and (or) interact with its website and services.

6.4.10. Any action that can take action to gain access to other users' login and password information.

6.4.11. Violating the requirements of the current law of , it is illegal to collect and process other people's personal data.

6.4.12. To perform actions to gain access to any Service, in a different manner, except through the interface provided by the Administration.

6.4.13. To copy, copy, sell, perform other activities with the Service for any purpose not directly established by these Rules.

6.4.14. To place commercial and political ads outside the special sections of the Site. Paid services and services are provided to Users by the Regulatory Authority based on a separate agreement signed between them.

6.4.15. In order to post information that does not comply with the internal policy of Administration, it is undesirable, does not correspond to the purpose of creating the Website, violating the rights of Users and (or) third parties or for other reasons. Unwanted when posting on the Site.

6.5. Users are personally responsible for any information posted on the Site, notifying other Users and (or) third parties as well as any interaction with other Users and (or) parties. Third risk.

The user confirms that he has all the appropriate certificates, licenses, declarations and usage rights: the name and photo of the portrait (image) and pictures of people and objects;trademarks and service marks, materials protected by copyright, proprietary rights or other legal protection; Certificate, license, certificate, appropriate declaration. Members ensure that the information used by it is not inappropriate, disrespectful, moral, and does not violate private secrets, individuals and families, the other, not is contrary to ethical principles and generally accepted social values, as well as the legal rights of protected and legal rights of third parties, documents and pages containing links to information User information, does not violate the rights and interests of third parties and also meets the requirements imposed by the current laws of .

6.6. In the event that the User disagrees with these Rules or updates them, the User must refuse to use the Site and the Services provided, notifying the appropriate Administration according to the established process.

7. Intellectual property rights

7.1. The content is proprietary to the Department of Management, members and other copyright owners, all rights to the protected objects.

7.2. Content may not be copied (reproduced), processed, distributed, displayed in a frame, published, downloaded, transferred, sold or used in whole or in part without consent. before the owner, unless the right holder explicitly expresses his consent for free use of the content by any person, or uses that directly established by .

7.4. The use to which the user-accessed content has been achieved is solely for the purpose of personal, non-commercial use provided that all author's or other author's notices are , save the name of the author intact, preserve the product in unchanged form.

7.5. In addition to its own content, users will not upload, or communicate with the public content of other websites, databases and other intellectual property in the absence of express consent. by the copyright owner to do so.

7.6. Any use of the website or content, except as permitted by these Rules and applicable laws of or in the event of a clear consent of the right holder for such use without prior written permission is strictly prohibited.

7.7. The User is personally responsible for any Content or other information he uses, downloads or otherwise is publicly available to the Site and / or with his assistance.

7.8. Users do not have the right to upload, transmit or publish Content on the Site if he does not have the appropriate rights to perform such actions that are purchased or transferred to him under ese law.

7.9. The administrator has the right, but not the obligation, to review the information on the website for any prohibited content or download content without permission from a third party, and may delete or move (no notice) any Content or User at their sole discretion for any reason or without cause, including but not limited to moving or deleting any Content that, in the opinion of the Registrar reason, violate the rules and laws of and (or) may grant Arushan rights, harm or threaten the safety of other users or third parties. In the case of a content that prohibits or uses content without permission from a third party, including if the User violates the copyright and related rights of a third party, the Government does not accept responsibility.

7.10. Using content posted on the website, gives the Authority authority to copy their content to streamline and facilitate the publication and storage of user-generated content on the site. By posting your content on the website, users therefore provide the non-exclusive rights management authority to use it for free by copying, performing, reproducing, processing, translating and Distributed for the purpose of the website or any related, including for its popularity. For these purposes, the government may create derivative works or insert content such as account parts in their respective collections, take other actions, serve these goals, and also grants third parties the right to publish Content (make it available to the public) on the Internet.

7.11. Websites that contain (or may contain) links to other websites on the Internet as well as articles, images, illustrations, graphics, music, audio, video, information, applications, software and other content belonging to or originating from third parties (third party content), which is the result of intellectual activity and protection under Russian law. Third parties and their content are not checked by the Regulatory Authority to suit any requirement (accuracy, completeness, integrity). Authorities are not responsible for any content posted on third party websites that benefit users from accessing through the website or through third party content, including, inter alia, real period comments or statements expressed on third party websites or their content.

7.12. The links or manuals for downloading files and (or) installing third-party programs on the Site do not mean to support or approve these actions by the Administrator.

7.13. Links to websites, products, works, services, any other commercial or non-commercial information and information displayed on the website are not an endorsement or recommendation. products by the Department.

7.14. Converting from site to third party websites or their use, third party software installation is done by independent users and at their own risk.

8. Function of the website. Responsibility

8.1. Users are solely responsible for the actions they take in relation to the use of the Site and its functionality. Violation of the provisions of these Rules and current laws of requires civil, administrative and criminal liability.

8.2. Managers provide technical capabilities to use the Site and are not involved in the content of individual member pages, are not controlled and are not responsible for the behavior or omissions of any person. Whichever is the use of the website or the creation and use of the content of the individual member pages.

8.3. In the information system of the website and its software there is no automatic technical solution that censors and monitors user actions and relationships regarding the use of the site.

8.4. The Government reserves the right at any time to change the design of the website, its content, list of services, amendments and supplements of used scripts, software and other items. use or stored on websites, server applications at any time with or without such notice.

8.5. The Government does not pre-adjust or censor User information and take actions to protect the rights and interests of individuals and ensure compliance with the requirements of ese law only after the interested person applies. used for Government according to established procedures.

8.6.The Administrator is not responsible for infringement by the User of the Terms and has the right to discretion, as well as receive information from others about the violation by the user of these Rules changes (on average) or removes any Any information posted by users violates the prohibitions imposed by this Regulation, suspends, restricts or terminates the access of the account to all or any parts or services of any website. at any time for any reason or not giving reason, straight dvaritelnym or without notice, shall not be liable for any damage that may be suffered by any party in such action. The government reserves the right to remove a user's personal page and (or) suspend, restrict or terminate the account's access to any website service,If the Administrator finds that the User poses a threat to the Site and / or Other Users. Site administration will not be responsible for temporarily blocking or deleting information or deleting a user's personal page in accordance with these Rules.

8.7. User's personal page deletion means automatic removal of all information placed on it, as well as all information entered by the User while registering on the Site. After deleting the personal page, Users will lose access to the Site.

8.8. The regulatory body ensures the functionality and operation of the website and is committed to quickly recover its operability in the case of technical and disruption failures. Admin is not responsible for temporary errors and interruptions in the work of the Site and loss of information caused by them. The Administrator is not responsible for any damage caused to the User or other computer, to the mobile device, to any other device or software, caused or connected to the download. documents from the Site or via links posted on the Site.

8.9. The Administrator has the right to process statistical information regarding the functionality of the Site, as well as the User's information to ensure display of advertising information targeted to different users. For the purpose of organizing the activities and technical support of the Site and the implementation of these Rules, the Administrator has the ability to access the User's personal pages only in the circumstances These rules are set.

8.10. The governing body has the right to send users information about the development of the website and its services, as well as to advertise its own activities and services.

8.11. The website and its services, including all scripts, applications, content and design of the Site, are distributed unchanged. The Government does not guarantee that the Website or its services or services may or may not be suitable for a particular purpose. Administration does not guarantee or promise any specific results from the use of the Site and / or its services.

8.12. Users are obliged to comply with the precautions when downloading from the Site or by placing links on the website and using any files, including software. The government strongly recommends using only licensed software, including antivirus software.

8.13. The user agrees that downloading from the site, or with the help of any material at his own risk and taking responsibility for the possible use of these materials, including damages It may cause your computer to users or third parties to lose data or any other damage.

8.14. The management and (or) of their representatives shall be liable to the user and (or) to any third party for incidental, unintentional, incidental losses, including lost profits or lost data, damage to reputable honor, dignity, and business in connection with the use of the website, the content of the website or other materials that any person gain access to through websites, even if the government warns or points to the possibility of such damage.

9. Validity and revision of rules

9.1. This regulation, as proposed for an unspecified number of people, will be effective upon publication on the website and valid until the General Department's proposed withdrawal date.

9.2. The Government reserves the right to amend the terms of this Regulation and (or) to withdraw its rights at any time at its discretion. The changes take effect from the date of posting on the website of those changes. If the government is not allowed to receive the calendar within five (5) calendar days of the refusal of the user to accept the changes and continue to use the service account with new conditions, changes in the rules will be treated as unconditional acceptance.

9.3. Users who do not use the site within 6 (six) months from the last use date are unconditional endorsements of Users who intend to discontinue use of the Site. When the aforementioned cases occur, Administrator has the right to delete the User's personal page on the Site, cease to provide the Service.

10. Warranty

10.1. During the term of these Rules, the Board of Directors will make every effort to eliminate all errors and errors in the event of a failure to provide the Service as soon as possible.

10.2. Accept the terms of this offer by accepting the offer, User warrants to the Government:

10.2.1. Reliability of the data specified during registration as a User.

10.2.2. The acquaintance and unconditional acceptance of the terms and topics of the offer.

10.2.3. Fully understand the meaning and consequences of their actions in implementing these Rules.

10.2.4. The use of the Services by the methods and methods does not require any violation of any of the rights of the Government, third parties and applicable laws of .

11. Procedures for dispute resolution

11.1. All disputes and disagreements arising from compliance with these Rules and the use of the Site are resolved through negotiations.

11.2. In the event that disputes and disagreements cannot be resolved through negotiation, all disputes, disagreements and requests will be resolved according to the current laws of .

12. Final provisions

12.1. In all things not provided by these Rules, the parties are guided by the current laws of .

12.2. These Rules constitute an agreement between the User and Webmaster regarding the use of the Site and the Services of the Site and supersede all previous agreements between Users and Administrators.