The Living Act of Transformation : A Meditation

The Living Act of Transformation : A Meditation
9 February 9 p.m.


Life is a movement of change.

You are part of this movement. There is nothing about you that is fixed.

In everything you do, in everything you face, there is a transformation that takes place.

These transformations can sometimes take you higher and sometimes take you lower. When you follow them blindly, you ride the waves of life with no certainty of where they will take you. It is called following karma.

There is another way. It is to deliberately use all of life and all of life's circumstances as a tool for higher evolution. It is to break the karmic current and discover higher states of existence.

When you do this, you see that there is opportunity for evolution in everything you do.

To do this, there is a practice called yoga. Yoga means union. It is the action of living for the deliberate movement from disunion towards union.

When you follow the path of yoga, you find that all of life becomes fulfilling. Suddenly difficult circumstances have enriched meaning. It is a path that leads you to complete peace with who you really are.

This class is an introduction to the path of yoga. In it, I will demonstrate the transitory nature of all difficulty and by using both energetic transmission and spoken words I will show you the feeling of how to follow the current of yoga into higher states of awareness.

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