Tantric Massage Rituals for Couples

Tantric Massage Rituals for Couples
3 March 2024
10 a.m.

Tantric Rituals for Couples

A rare 6 hour tantric ritual workshop for couples presented by Helena and James from Tantric Healing.

Come and join us for an intimate and transformative experience at our home in Rozelle This event is designed for couples who want to deepen their connection and explore the sacred art of Tantra together. 

Learn an ancient Ritual from Maha Siddha Vyalipa (800 AD) so that you may feel your hearts and bodies connect in open loving pleasurable bliss.

During this in-person gathering you will learn an ancient Tantric ritual as well as practices that can enhance your relationship and bring more passion intimacy and love into your life. You will be guided through various exercises including breath-work meditation and sensual touch.

Discover deeper ways to connect with your partner and unlock the hidden potential of your relationship

- Play with energetic love making moving energy with breath intention crystals and auric touch. 

- Discover ways to use crystals feathers and types of touch to bring pleasurable bliss to your partner. 

- Refine feminine body practices by softening the central channel (heart throat sex centre) to open and move as love feeling waves of pleasure throughout your body as you soften into the heart and connect to your body. 

- Refine masculine body practices of transmitting consciousness and presence with breath and the widening of awareness to transmit the light and depth of Shiva. 

Whether you are new to Tantra or have previous experience this event is open to all couples who are willing to explore and expand their love.

What is included in the workshop?

- Six hours of guidance and tuition from Helena and James;

- The opportunity to give and receive the ritual with your partner;

- The ritual box which includes all the tools you need to continue this work at home;

- Membership to the WhatsApp group chat to further refine practices and ask questions etc.

Join us at Tantric Healing in Rozelle and embark on a journey of connection pleasure and spiritual growth.

The yoga of intimacy awaits...

Workshop Details

Date: Sunday March 3rd 10am-4pm.

Time: Arrive for a 10am start. 

Venue: 25 Springside Street Rozelle

Tickets: Tickets are $400 per couple. Early bird special of $350 available if booked by Wednesday November 15. 

- This price secures two places at the workshop for you and your partner. It also includes one ritual box per couple (valued at $170).

Reserve your spot online via All Events  80001287215020



What should each couple bring? Two towels two face washers a small plastic dish for massage oil a sarong each.

What if I don't have a partner? We ask that you attend with a friend lover or any form of couple where there is connection and respect. There are no single tickets for this event.

Is there partner swapping? No not at this event. We honour the sacred container of each partnership for this event and you will give and receive with your partner only.

What is the level of nakedness? No nakedness underwear only.

Is there lovemaking? Although the ritual allows for the couple to move into lovemaking there is no physical lovemaking at this workshop. You will be guided in energetic work of penetration with breath and intention. 

Do both partners have an opportunity to give and receive at the workshop? Yes each couple receives the teaching and both partners are guided in the process with time to give and receive.

How do we pay? Once one of you have registered (for you and your partner) please pay Early Bird price of $350 for the couples ticket via PayPal: YWFyb250cmV3IHwgaG90bWFpbCAhIGNvbQ== OR via the PayPal me link  aarontrew


-This price secures two places at the workshop for you and your partner. It also includes the ritual box. 

-Payment also accepted via bank transfer:

Mr. Aaron J Trew

ACC: 780540133

BSB: 637000

About Helena founder of Tantric Healing

Helena has dedicated 30 years to the study of tantra and has been sharing her knowledge through teaching for over 20 years. Currently she mentors her students in the wisdom and techniques she has acquired over a lifetime of living the tantric lifestyle. Helena is also in the process of co-authoring a book with her husband Celistin a powerful clairvoyant which features 20 original tantric rituals. 

About James masculine practitioner at Tantric Healing

A graduate of the 2 year practitioner course under the tutelage of Helena James now works with women and couples in healing and sensual work. He runs the men's work at retreats guiding his brothers to a deeper expression of their masculine consciousness.

Price AUD 470.00
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