SREcon Asia/Pacific

SREcon Asia/Pacific
7 December - 9 December
SREcon Asia/Pacific will cover areas like A Tale of Two Postmortems: A Human Factors View, Availability - Thinking beyond 9s Leading without Managing: Becoming an SRE Technical Leader, The Bloomberg Story: Building SRE Teams in an Immeasurable Organisation, Practical Instrumentation for Observability, Reliable by Design: Adding Value in the Design Review Process, Taming a Beast: Improving the Reliability of a Monolithic Web Service, How We Used Kafka to Scale Database Infrastructure, Latency SLOs Done Right SRE Then vs SRE Now: A Balancing Act between Reflexes and Intuitive Instincts at PayPal, etc.

Venue Sheraton on the Park
161 Elizabeth St NSW 2000
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