Rumour Has It

Rumour Has It
24 May 2024
7:30 p.m.
Title: Introducing Rumour Has It: An Undefined Meld of Musical Magnificence

Big news in the music sphere! Upcoming sensation Rumour Has It is carving out a unique spot in the music landscape. They are a show-stopping ensemble of dynamic musicians, who refuse to be boxed into a particular genre, instead choosing to define their style as "Undefined”. This intriguingly cavaline decision is an accurate reflection of their broad-ranging discography, blending multifarious elements from different genres and eras.

Rumour Has It traces its origins to a group of college friends, sharing a mutual love for music and a desire to create something new and unusual. Each member stemming from distinct musical backgrounds, their diversity is their strength; a quartet of self-confessed 'music nerds' with a flair for creativity.

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State Theatre, Sydney

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