Inside The Red Tent

Inside The Red Tent
4 February 3 p.m.

Event Details


Saturday 3:00 - 6:30 pm


The workshop will be held in Allambie Heights on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

Event Description

A workshop for all women from 15 years onwards, to reconnect with the innate wisdom within us all and understand the interrelation between the female cycle and all nature’s cycles.

The Blessings

You will gain an understanding of the influence of the lunar cycle and the Earth’s seasons, through exploring the spiritual practice of menstruation and the transformative power of our rites of passage.

The Journey

The circle format of this workshop is designed to create a safe and connected space for women to share stories and wisdom, while experiencing the healing magic of a Women’s Circle. The Wisdom of the Cycles will be explained in an interactive and engaging talk. You will journey on the beat of a Shamanic Drum to meet your divine nature and have the chance to remember the ancestral wisdom of your Red Thread.

The Gifts

  • A new and deeper understanding of being a woman. A more conscious way to experience and flow with the magic of our menstrual cycle.
  • The opportunity to be part of a loving, supportive and awakened community of like-minded women.
  • Together we will become more conscious of how menstrual shame and the patriarchal culture have impacted women’s lives on a subliminal level, and we will reclaim our power and divine nature, for ourselves and all women to come.

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Price 120.00 - 360.00
Venue Allambie Heights
14 Maroa Crescent, Allambie Heights, NSW 2100, Australia
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