History Now: food history

History Now: food history
4 October 2023
5 p.m.
Journey through history as we explore the cultural significance of food in an engaging talk.

History Now: Food History

In this fascinating talk, we delve into the world of food history and its cultural significance. Join us as we explore the various ways in which food can be used to interrogate and interpret history for academic research and public history audiences.

Our speaker, Jacqui Newling, approaches history with a hungry mind. With her specialization in Australian food heritage and settler-colonial identity, she brings a unique perspective to the table. Jacqui holds a Master's degree in Gastronomy through Le Cordon Bleu and Adelaide University, and she is an Honorary Associate in History at the University of Sydney. She has completed her PhD in 2021 and is a passionate public historian, utilizing food as a key medium for interpreting, presenting, and writing history for general consumption.

Jacqui is the author of "Eat Your History: Stories and Recipes from Australian Kitchens, 1788-1950s." She has also curated a series of place-based gastronomy programs in museums across Sydney and Regional NSW. With her wealth of knowledge and experience, Jacqui will take us on a captivating journey through the rich culinary history of Australia.

Joining the panel is Anna Kharzeeva, a food writer, social historian, and journalist. Anna will share her expertise in exploring family and social history through food. Born and raised in Moscow, she has recently relocated to Sydney, where she continues to cook and explore the flavors she grew up with while studying the new world of Australian food and history. Anna is the author of "The Soviet Diet Cookbook: Exploring Life, Culture, and History One Recipe at a Time."

The discussion will be chaired by Barbara Sweeney, the creator of the writers' festival Food & Words. Barbara has a deep passion for food stories, from fiction to history. As a restaurant reviewer, journalist, and teacher of food writing classes, she brings a wealth of experience to the table.

The event will take place at the State Library of New South Wales, specifically in the Metcalfe Auditorium on the Ground Floor of the Macquarie Building. The address is 1 Shakespeare Place, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia.

Mark your calendars for October 4, 2023, and join us for an evening of enlightening discussions, delicious food, and a deeper understanding of how food can uncover layers of history.

The event is free to attend and open to all. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the intersection of food and history.

Price Free
State Library of New South Wales
Metcalfe Auditorium, Ground Floor, Macquarie Building 1 Shakespeare Place, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
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