Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour - West Side Story

Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour - West Side Story
21 April 2024
7:30 p.m.
Handa Opera On Sydney
Title: Enchanting Symphony under the Stars: A Dive into the Magnificent Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour

Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour, often shortened to Opera on the Sydney Harbour, is not an individual but an extraordinary annual opera event that unfolds amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Sydney landscape. As one of the world's most celebrated outdoor opera companies, it offers a dynamic combination of masterful musical performances, captivating storytelling, and a stunning spectacle of lights, costumes, and stage design under the vast Sydney sky.

Launched in 2012 by Opera Australia, Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour transforms the iconic Sydney Harbour into an exceptional open-air opera theatre. The event is made possible through the generous support of Dr. Haruhisa Handa, an International Foundation for Arts and Culture (IFAC) patron, acclaimed composer, and passionate supporter of global arts and sports, whose contribution aptly lends the event its name.

Opera Australia
Title: "Opera Australia: Breathing Life into Classics and Modern Works"

For music enthusiasts, Sydney's Opera House is no less than a legend. A world-class performance venue, it is home to one of the globe's finest performing arts companies - Opera Australia. Taking centre stage in the realm of performing arts in the collective heart of Australia, Opera Australia spearheads a glorious blend of music, drama, dance, and visual arts, celebrating artistic expression in its truest form!

Opera Australia, also widely known as Opera, is Australia's primary opera company. It is the third-largest opera company globally, renowned for its particularly large repertoire. With a staggering 25 productions annually, it offers prolific performances in Sydney, Melbourne, and regional Australia while also making international tours.

West Side Story
Title: Delving into the Musical Masterpiece - West Side Story

West Side Story is an emblem of excellence in American musical theater, resulting from the collaborative genius of four phenomenal cultural icons - Leonard Bernstein (music), Stephen Sondheim (lyrics), Jerome Robbins (choreography), and Arthur Laurents (book). Not only is it celebrated for its artistic prowess, but also for its influential social commentary on urban strife, prejudice, and cultural divide, representing an era-defining amalgamation of music, dance, and storytelling.

Conceptualized as a modern adaptation of Shakespeare's masterpiece, Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story debuted on Broadway on September 26, 1957, taking audiences by storm with its gritty narrative, vibrant score, and dynamic choreography. The musical emphasizes the tragic love story set in the mid-1950s neighborhood of Manhattan's Upper West Side, where ethnic divisions fuel tension and hostility between two rival gangs, the 'Jets' (American born) and the 'Sharks' (Puerto Rican immigrants). The protagonists, Tony (a former Jet) and Maria (the sister of the Shark's leader), fall deeply in love, inciting a chain of events that leads to a heart-rending climax.

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