Church of Techno ~ Morning Madness

Church of Techno ~ Morning Madness
19 March 6 a.m.
Church wouldn't be Church without Sunday service...
Sunrise - Noon / 6am - 12pm
2 Stages • Outdoor + Indoor
DOORS OPEN AT 6AM FOR MORNING MADNESS ENTRY... There is a lock out at The Bridge Hotel 3-6am during which no patrons are able to enter...

Join us for some Morning Madness, in prayer to the prog gods. Progressive, psychedelic and weirdly wonderful techno to compel you through your day. International, interstate and local guest bishops reading sermons all morning across 2 dance stages: 'Church Yard' the warm outdoors; 'Prayer Room' the techno dungeon

Price 20.00
Venue The Bridge Hotel
119 Victoria Road, Rozelle NSW 2039, Australia
Sebastian Bayne
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