Breath & Ice Experience | Paddington

Breath & Ice Experience | Paddington
4 March 10 a.m.


It all starts and ends with the breath.

Stress, illness, anxiety, lack of sleep, too much screen time, too little outdoor time in nature - the modern world influences the way we breathe and the way we live on every tangible level.

All of these factors impact our homeostasis – the place our body most likes to be – causing us to be out of touch with nature and out of touch with ourselves.

When we are out of balance within or without, our entire physiology reacts and this impacts on our physical and mental state.

Yet we all hold the magic key to changing this.

Our breath.

Our breathing says a lot about how we deal with the world around us, with the stresses and strains of everyday life, how we process all these experiences and then store them in our bodies.

It’s the link between body and mind, between spirit and matter, between the conscious and the subconscious mind. The breath is a force, a bridge, a tool. It connects us to each other, and to our own nature, our source

Yet breathing is the only system in the body that is both completely automatic and also under our control. That is not an accident of nature, not a coincidence. That is an opportunity, an invitation, to take part in our own nature, our own evolution.

We can use it to manipulate how we feel, how our body regulates and processes not just our physical responses but also our emotions and overall wellbeing.

So that’s why we created Breathless.

Because by getting back to a natural, more optimal way of breathing, we can improve the way we live.

+ Control stress effectively

+ Improve sleep and recovery

+ Feel more energized

+ Reduce inflammation

+ Combat depression and anxiety

+ Improve your physical and mental performance

- Whether you’re looking to improve your sporting prowess, manage your stress levels, reduce illness related symptoms, take your current practice to the next level or are just curious to find out this breathing and ice bath stuff is all about, then this is the course for you.

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Price 99.00
Venue Flow Athletic
134 Oxford Street #Level 1, Paddington, NSW 2021, Australia
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