An Introduction to Generational Wealth with Collins Mayaki

An Introduction to Generational Wealth with Collins Mayaki
25 July 2024
2 p.m.

In this exclusive event, Collins Mayaki will share his insights and strategies for building and maintaining generational wealth. As a prominent finance expert and the driving force behind Wealthy You, Collins has a proven track record of empowering individuals and families to secure their financial futures.

Attendees will gain valuable knowledge on:

  • The fundamentals of wealth creation and preservation
  • Effective asset management and investment techniques
  • Navigating the complexities of mortgages and real estate investments
  • Practical steps to ensure financial stability across generations

This session is perfect for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of financial planning and take actionable steps towards achieving lasting financial success.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of Australia's most influential financial mentors and start your journey towards generational wealth today.

About Collins Mayaki

Collins Mayaki is a renowned financial expert, mentor, and CEO of Wealthy You, a boutique mortgage brokerage firm that has been empowering Australians since 2015. His expertise spans across financial planning, real estate investment, and mortgage solutions, making him a key figure in helping individuals and families attain financial independence and success​

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