Mapping Service Ecosystems Masterclass with Cornelius Rachieru

Mapping Service Ecosystems Masterclass with Cornelius Rachieru
22 February 9 a.m.


Workshop description

Want to take your stakeholder workshop facilitation skills to the next level?

Learn the basics of service ecosystem mapping and how this method applies to identifying and solving system-level problems.

While the increased popularity of service blueprints and customer journey maps is an encouraging sign for the proliferation of service design into the mainstream experience design toolbox, the fact remains that by themselves, they aren’t always ideal methods when dealing with senior business stakeholders in the context of overall business discovery and strategy. The theory behind systems thinking and an approach to visualize a company’s service ecosystem at a high level should be part of the toolkit of every design strategist.

By learning the basics of facilitating ecosystem mapping exercises, you’ll go a long way towards being able to identify the role and influence a company has in its ecosystem, and pinpoint which key parts of that ecosystem should be given strategic priority (and consequently be journey mapped/blueprinted in detail if those journeys are deemed critical). Understanding an organization’s ecosystem is not (just) about visualizing and diagramming it. Being able to identify and apply the right data ‘lenses’ to craft a visual representation that tells a compelling story can become a key sense-making tool in your strategic arsenal.

Price 380.00 - 800
Venue National Library Level 3, Drama Centre Function Room 2
100 Victoria Street #03-01, Singapore, 188064, Singapore
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