Musical Instrument Making Workshop

Join us at Yamaha Music School for a hands-on musical instrument making workshop for kids at Kallang Leisure Park. Let your child explore the joy of creating and playing their very own instruments!
Make & Play @ Kallang Leisure Park
2 March 2024
9 a.m.

Our “Make and Play” program aims for children to become engrossed in playing the handmade instruments they create. With this activity in mind, we created some accompaniment tracks as well that make playing even more fun. All of the children who pick up their own handmade instrument and make just the sounds they like can definitely call themselves musicians.

Musical instruments will be much more familiar if we can make them from materials found around the house. Offering an easily understandable set of instructions and a template that makes it simple to get started, increases the appeal of making papercraft musical instruments both in Japan and around the world.

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