Coloured Pencil Drawing Course by David Liew - NT20230411CPD


Coloured pencil is not an unsophisticated art medium confined only to students. It is a dynamic medium with much potential for expressive artistic expression. In this course, participants will explore the art of creating art in coloured pencils that lean towards illustration of stories.

No prerequisite skills are required but basic pencil sketching would be very helpful.

Course Objectives:

In this course, participants will explore the art of drawing and rendering images in coloured pencils. They will learn to blend and mix colours with this dry medium, creating visions of various subjects .

Lesson Plan :

Session 1: Introduction to Materials. Basic handling of coloured pencils.

Session 2: Blending 1: Layering

Session 3: Blending 2: Burnishing:

Session 4: Blending 3: Colourless Blender / White colour pencil

Session 5: Blending 4: Using solvents

Session 6: Blending with line work: Hatching, cross-hatching and Stippling

Session 7: Portfolio Piece: Developing an artwork based on the learner’s own choice of subject. Topic to be discussed with instructor.

Session 8: Portfolio Piece. Final development of the artwork from session 8.

Learning Outcome :

1.Appreciate and understand the art of coloured pencil sketching

2.Ability in using various techniques for appropriate subjects

3.Understand subject with light, shadow and texture

4.Ability in using coloured pencils for creative expression


Tuesday, 11 April - 10am-12noon

Tuesday, 18 April - 10am-12noon

Tuesday, 25 April - 10am-12noon

Tuesday, 2 May - 10am-12noon

Tuesday, 9 May - 10am-12noon

Tuesday, 16 May - 10am-12noon

Tuesday, 23 May - 10am-12noon

Tuesday, 30 May - 10am-12noon

No of Sessions : 8

*Minimum 13 students to start class


Brahm Centre @ Newton

Materials provided:

1. Colour Pencils 24 Colours set x 1

2. A4 Sketch Book x 1

3. Basic Stationery set (pencil, eraser, sharpener) x 1

Price 56.00 - 280
Venue Brahm Centre @ Newton
47 Scotts Road Goldbell Towers #04-02A, Singapore, 228233, Singapore
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