AngelCentral Startup Series: What Lean Startups Look Like

AngelCentral Startup Series: What Lean Startups Look Like
26 July 2024
4 p.m.

In the current challenging environment, many startups are facing the harsh reality of running out of runway. Several Southeast Asian startups are struggling to extend their runway amid funding shortages. founderfocused-vc-offers-hope-startups-facing-runway">span> highlight the critical need for effective financial management and lean operations​.

Join us for an insightful session designed to equip you with the essentials for startup success, including the right mindset, effective strategies, and crucial processes. This workshop will feature seasoned entrepreneurs who operate lean and profitable startups, sharing their expertise on optimising financial resources and managing cash flow to ensure business sustainability.

Our keynote speaker and moderator, Shao-Ning Huang, brings invaluable experience as the exited founder of JobsCentral. She successfully bootstrapped her company to profitability without venture capitalist funding. Alongside Shao-Ning, we have three accomplished panellists who will provide their insights and real-world experiences, showcasing how they maintain lean operations while achieving profitability.

Panellists Include:

  • Angela Poh, Deputy CEO, Motorist
  • Guan Dian, Co-Founder, APAC General Manager & CMO, PatSnap
  • Lenard Tan, Founder & CEO, Ailytics

Who Should Attend This Workshop:

  • Founders looking to optimise their startup operations
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to understand the essentials of running a startup
  • Investors interested in gaining insights into how lean startups operate

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from experienced entrepreneurs and network with like-minded founders. Join us to gain valuable knowledge and see examples of startups that thrive on lean and profitable operations, taking your startup to the next level!

About the Keynote Speaker & Moderator

Ms. Shao-Ning Huang, Exited Founder, JobsCentral

Shao-Ning started her first business JobsCentral as a fresh graduate back in 2000. She grew and exited the business in 2011 to CareerBuilder. She cares about processes and about doing things for the right reasons. Since her exit, her life focus has been to be relevant and pay it forward. Shao-Ning has been actively advising deep tech startups and also some social entrepreneurs. She is a peer-mentor to many women but most importantly she is a wife and mom to four boys. In the family angel/PE portfolio, she (and Der Shing ) has investments in over 40 startups (of which, 6 are led by women CEOs!) and 8 VC investments.

About the Panellists

Ms. Angela Poh, Deputy CEO, Motorist

Angela has been the Chief Revenue Officer managing the revenue streams of Motorist, which is in the top 100 list of Singapore’s fastest-growing companies (based on revenue growth from 2019 to 2022) compiled by The Straits Times and Germany-based global research firm Statista. Prior to joining Motorist, Poh spent over 15 years at American Express, with her last role focused on regional commercial payments business development. She holds a bachelor's degree in commerce from Australia's Murdoch University and is married with two children.

Ms. Guan Dian, Co-Founder, APAC General Manager & CMO, PatSnap

Guan Dian is the co-founder, chief marketing officer, and APAC GM at Patsnap. Patsnap is a leading provider of research and development analytics with AI powered technology and machine learning. Guan studied at Stanford University and the University of Singapore (NUS), and was formerly an analyst at Credit Suisse First Boston and a software engineer at MooWee, San Francisco, which provides video-application solutions. She received the NUS Outstanding Young Alumni Award in 2019.

Mr. Lenard Tan, Founder & CEO, Ailytics

Wei Zhuang (Lenard) Tan has 8 years of experience developing and deploying large-scale enterprise software solutions as well as technical pre-sales and consulting. Prior to starting Ailytics, Lenard was with Boeing's Digital Analytics division, leading global teams of more than 100 people and building solutions that automatically optimise flight routes and rosters for airlines. Lenard is currently the CEO of Ailytics, which provides scenario based AI solutions that leverages state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms that helps companies in industrial sectors enhance their operational safety, productivity, and security through visual insights from any camera.

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