AngelCentral Masterclass Series: Angel Investing 101

AngelCentral Masterclass Series: Angel Investing 101
27 July 2024
9:30 a.m.

Early Bird tickets now on sale @ $188 per ticket!

Calling out to all Angel Investors, Entrepreneurs, VCs, fund managers, academics, corporates, and anyone else who wish to learn more about Angel Investing in ASEAN!

Discover what it takes to invest in your first startup without having to make your angel investing experience expensive and painful.

Have you ever wanted to know what goes behind the thoughts of an experienced angel investor in Asia, or more on how to go about becoming an effective and competent angel investor? If so, join us for this 3-hour workshop as we, share with you their strategies and approach to investing in startups. Throughout the session, the trainers would be using live case studies that have been gathered through personal experience over the past couple of years.

Through this interactive and engaging session, you will be equipped with the skills to evaluate a startup, manage your portfolio, and maximise your profitability. The workshop will help you to:

  1. Manage and construct your portfolio for angel investments. Learn how startups fit into your overall portfolio, allocate your assets to ensure minimum risk with maximum rewards, and set your personal goals for angel investing.
  2. Gain insights into the lifecycle of a startup, the overall tech startup ecosystem and how angels fit into the space. You will learn about the different stakeholders in a startup ecosystem, the full lifecycle of a startup, and the possible types of investments before exit.
  3. Generate deal flow. You will learn about the different ways angels can be exposed to startup investment opportunities, including how to position yourself as a credible and useful investor, establish credibility and branding via consistent value-add, building expertise, and engaging with fellow investors to expand your network.
  4. Evaluate startups you meet. Understand the partners' personal framework for evaluating startups which resulted from years of personal experience and countless refinements over the years. This includes questions to ask when assessing a startup’s solution, founding team, marketing opportunity, and business model.

Hear from Past Attendees
"Interesting concepts with clear explanations" - Petrina Leong, Senior Director, Jardine Lloyd Thompson PCS Pte. Ltd.

"Good use of discussion of case studies for exchange of ideas. The masterclass was helpful as a platform for the founders of AngelCentral to share their thought process behind their investment decisions in a candid way." - Elvira Tan, Venture Partner, Octava Impact Investment Pte Ltd

"Very good course to get the basics in place." - Abhay Kumar, Regional Vice President

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