The Empowered Women's Success Circle

22 September 2023 8 p.m.


Welcome to The Empowered Women's Success Circle meetup group. Our community is specifically designed for mid-level career professionals and beyond who are determined to overcome imposter syndrome and achieve greater success in their careers.

The Purpose: At The Empowered Women's Success Circle, we believe that together we can rise above challenges and support one another in reaching new heights. Our primary objective is to create a safe, inclusive, and empowering community where like-minded women can connect, share experiences, and collectively overcome the barriers that hold them back.

Audience: This group is tailored for mid-level women professionals (others welcome) for virtual meetups but also in the New York City for in-person gatherings. This is the group for you, if you are:

- Feeling the pressures of imposter syndrome

- Strive to excel in your career but are constantly grappling with self-doubt

- Posses the drive to shatter glass ceilings and achieve your goals

What to Expect: By joining The Empowered Women's Success Circle, you can expect monthly virtual and in-person meetings (NYC only for now) where we engage in thought-provoking discussions, gain valuable insights, and support one another on our journeys to success. This group serves as a platform to connect with like-minded individuals, exchange professional advice, and foster meaningful relationships.

Benefits of joining:

1. Overcome imposter syndrome: Gain strategies, tools, and support to conquer self-doubt and own your achievements.

2. Network with high-achieving professionals: Connect with talented women in similar positions and industries, expanding your professional network and potential opportunities.

3. Personal and professional growth: Engage in discussions and activities focusing on self-development, leadership, and career advancement.

4. Supportive community: Surround yourself with fellow high-achievers who understand your challenges and are there to uplift and empower you.

Join The Empowered Women's Success Circle and embark on a transformative journey towards professional success, personal growth, and lifelong connections. Together, we can redefine our careers and create a future where no woman is limited by self-doubt.

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