Takka 5th anniversary with MARRØN

Takka 5th anniversary with MARRØN
26 May 2023 11:30 p.m.
On May 26th, Takka will be celebrating their 5th anniversary with a special guest: DJ MARRØN from the Netherlands. MARRØN is a well-known figure in the techno scene, and his appearance at Takka will be a special treat for fans of the genre. This event will be one of the highlights of Takka's anniversary celebrations, so be sure to check it out!

Line up!


> Taiga
> Ikss
> HP-82
> E91 b2b Aurora222


> Viq
> Pupa
> D I N

Continuously trying to exceed his own limits, MARRØN employs fast rhythmics inspired by his roots. The artist’s moniker pays homage to the strong-willed MARRØN’s, a once-enslaved African tribe who defied oppression and found freedom
in the primeval forests of Surinam. The hypnotic, percussive beats characterizing MARRØN’s foundational Afro Deep style have evolved to form a singular conception of techno. His dynamic take on the genre is at home in the underground, most notably in his role as co-founder and resident of Amsterdam’s Eerste Communie. MARRØN’s capable command of groove, power, and texture is no doubt a convincing invitation to stay on the dancefloor for hours

Price 13.90
One One Riga
Taiga (LV)
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