Top Weekend Events in Praze You Must Check Out 1 December - 3 December 2023

Are you looking for something to do this Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? Then keep reading! Sports, festivals, concerts, parties, family-friendly events and more - Praze is full of exciting things to do and see this weekend.
Check out our guide and find an event or an activity that suits you!

Whatever you’re into, our list of things to do has all the best options.There are new lifestyle gatherings and cultural events to enjoy this weekend. You won’t miss any of online happenings with our guide.
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Get ready for a music journey that will warm your heart and fill you with energy Karolinskà 7 Prague 8 …
2 December
Decadence: Christmas Miracle with Red Baron
Advent and candles go hand in handâ guess who you can look forward to on the first Advent weekend at …
2 December
HOUSEBOAT NACHT - djs Equi, wnchnz, Manntracs
Selection night maturing like wine.
2 December
90s Dance
The nineties and the beginning of the millennium were the youth of many of us, and that is why we …
2 December
Nior & Axis Alpha
DJs cocktail bar with refined taste in music.
2 December
noRemorse RAVE // Alex Wilcox (US), 3ever, Nina Farrina, SJ Yellow, tmk, yo haan
A night where the word rave really makes sense. We bring you a night of quality music from people who …
2 December
LBD Sounds: Crimson & Kiss (HU) - Demonika & Shurigen - Olinstvi & Robert
For a final LBD Sounds night of the season we have invited a Hungarian matador dj couple, which has been …
2 December
Tendancedance with Vapanda & Mike.H
⪠â tendance dÍaÍncÍeÍ dÌaÌnÌcÌeÌ
1 December
Friday Night with DJ Buldog & Just Luke
special performances - Vogue dance - Silk Steel aerial acrobatics Bar with a glass roof in the center of Prague …
1 December
Storm Club presents: State of Mind
Naprostà neurofunkovà velikÃni STATE OF MIND se vracà do Storm Clubu, aby rozpoutali naprostà peklo Toto novozÃlandskà duo pÅsobà na …
2 December
On Saturday 2.12. Digital Forest and Cross club cordially invite you to the Digital Temple event. After Atacama, Lucid Spirit, …
2 December
From massive Chicago cuts to the forgotten white labels, stomping New York street sounding grooves, primitive drum machines, insane proto …
1 December
Deviant: Just Claudia, mad miran, phil in a maze
Weâre wrapping up the year with Amsterdamâs most berserk DJ and âvibe conductorâ Mad Miran. A technical deck-spinning master and …
1 December
Wormhole presents: Dom & Roland + Trax
CZ Minulost se setkÃvà se souÄasnostà a budoucnostà EN The past meets the present and the future
1 December