SpriteKit: You Can Build Games, Too!

19 September 2023 5 p.m.

👋 Hi, I'm Honza Kaltoun and I am the CTO at STRV. I spent my iOS career building traditional apps but always wanted to develop games, too. So a while ago, I did. SpriteKit seems intimidating at first, as the barrier for entry feels higher. But — fortunately for us — it’s actually surprisingly easy. Let me show you that everyone can build games for Apple platforms, and let me teach you a bit of SpriteKit while we’re at it!

👉 Join us for a hands-on workshop where we'll break down the mysteries of SpriteKit together. We're talking eye-popping graphics, physics, collisions and yes, even some sound effects as a cherry on top.

💻 Workshop prerequisites: MacBook, knowledge of Swift

It would be tough to develop everything from scratch in 4 hours while simultaneously learning, so I will have a base project prepared for you and we’ll dive right in.

⏰ How does all that sound? Are you hooked? If the answer is YES, then come code, chill and chat with us. Doors open at 4:30 pm, the workshop starts at 5 pm. No worries, we’ll take some breaks, followed by beers & networking until 10 pm. We look forward to hanging out with you!


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