Spectaculare: Pantha Du Prince, badfocus

Spectaculare: Pantha Du Prince, badfocus
31 března 2023 19:30
Pantha Du Prince

There’s a song inside each and every thing – and inside every state. And it exists, this joy-inducing primal frequency, this renowned sound wave that can penetrate bodies and move them to stasis. A stasis that may bring change.

Since 2012 – that is, for an entire decade – Hendrik Weber aka Pantha du Prince has dedicated himself to a comprehensive project that has long shined brighter than his other releases and which is now reaching a tentative artistic peak with Garden Gaia. After the album Elements of Light in 2012, which was recorded with The Bell Laboratory, came Conference of Trees in 2020, this time as a solo venture. What unites these three albums is that Pantha du Prince has dedicated them to theme of “humans as nature” – in the sense that humans unfold and flow out of their surroundings as bodies.


badfocus is an emerging project of a Prague-based producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Prokop Korb. His music represents an abundant sonic fantasy powered by the endeavour to expand his own musical language.

Despite his young age, badfocus embodies a genuine creative spirit with an endless hunger for new soundscapes, beats and melodies. Despite originally coming from a jazz background, he experiments with various genres such as electronica, classical music, hip-hop, or indie pop. He thus creates a completely unique world in each of his songs, which are freed from genre conventions. The main link between the mixture of genres is the indented emotional impact on listeners. Often dealing with insomnia, it’s mostly nights when badfocus arouses the peak of his creative process, while reflecting on his mental experiences, daydreaming and the outside world. While listening to badfocus you can hear parallels with artists and projects such as Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds or Bonobo, but you will definitely recognize his original sound that crystallizes with each released song.

VJ Foton X

FotonX is an open and independent collective based in Prague, that grew in love for live A/V performances, interactive installations, and experimenting with new media and technologies. Members include an international mix of VJs, video artists, sculptors, animators, filmmakers, programmers, and photographers

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Pantha Du Prince
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