Robot Koch & Mickael Le Goff: Sphere

Robot Koch & Mickael Le Goff: Sphere
12 dubna 2023 19:00
Prague Planetarium
In *Sphere*, robot Koch and graphic artist Mickael Le Goff invite the audience on a journey through the near and distant universe, during which the audience will observe the surfaces of planets and star explosions up close, all complemented by Koch's immersive musical performance. Composer Robert Koch, known in the music world as Robot Koch, is a German musician currently based in Los Angeles. Koch became famous as a member of the weird-pop group Jahcoozi, released solo on Monkeytown Records, Bpitch Control and remixed Max Richter and Norah Jones. He comes to Prague with his latest project, Sphere, a unique audiovisual experience created specifically for planetarium projection screens

Cena € 260,00
Místo Prague Planetarium
Královská obora 233
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