Nero x Bike Jesus with Juliet Fox, Margoo, Eva Falt, Akasha84

Nero x Bike Jesus with Juliet Fox, Margoo, Eva Falt, Akasha84
31 března 2023 22:00
Nero Techno Party is a series of electronic music events featuring some of the best underground techno DJs from around the world.
Whether you're a die-hard Techno fan or just looking for an unforgettable night full of fun, you've come to the right place.

Juliet Fox of Miracle MGMT has accepted the invitation as the headliner for this evening.Juliet Fox's presence on the Techno scene cannot be ignored. Her rise has been swift and relentless with countless production successes alongside her growing demand for DJ gigs around the world including Berlin legends Berghain, Watergate and the now popular Awakenings festival. Her tracks have been released on numerous labels including Drumcode, Filth On Acid and Kraftek.

You can also expect the Ukrainian DJ Margoo. Margoo has been djing since 2018, she is also the founder of the Carousel Rave movement and a resident of Revers United Germany. Industrial and dark Techno sound with acid elements is typical for her sets.

Eva Falt, from the Prague collective Weltraum, will provide support. Eva is quite a newcomer, but with great potential and in a short time she has already covered a long way on the Czech Techno scene. Her sets could be heard at the Cross club, at Hollar or at various events organized by the Weltraum collective. Among other things, she has recorded podcasts for series like Deepicnic and many others. We will hear about Eva Falt many more times in the future.

And finally, our Nero resident Akasha 84. Akasha is a DJ and producer with roots in Mexico, living in Prague for several years. His style is a typical raw, dark and hypnotic Techno sound.He has played countless events and released tracks, for example on the Italian label Techno Wood. Akasha is also known for his live sets, he likes to do things his own way and his sets are always unique and full of surprises

Cena 300,00
Bike Jesus
Juliet Fox
Eva Falt
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