Hack-a-TON x Prague

A three-day hackathon and space for creative experiments! The event is for students, engineers, business devs, designers, and artists
About this Event
This is the first TON-based hackathon in Europe hosted by the Blockczech & TonanaBridge team. ?‍? Teams will be able to create their projects from scratch or transfer existing ones to The Open Networks and Telegram Messenger ?‍? Participants will be able to learn TON development, Web Apps for Bots, and build smart contracts on FunC, decentralized applications, blockchain games, digital ownership systems, gamers guild DAOs, DeFi, payment & ID solutions, and many more.
?Where: HubHub, Perlova 5, Prague ? When: 30.9 - 2.10
?‍♂️ How is this hackathon different from others? ✅ each team has a mentor ✅ workshop on applying for grants and the list of grants ✅ onboarding successful teams to the startup academy program from TonStarter Launchpad
? Lectures and workshops: ▫️ TON Play launchpad team about web 3 mechanics and marketing ▫️ Roman Krutovoy will talk about why to do something on TON, what may be the prospects in the near future, about DNS and Telegram ▫️ Artur Stambultsyan will talk about TWA, what to do with them and how ▫️ Jakub Jedlinsky, lecturer at VSE, will talk about Gaming DAOs ▫️ Tamara Bizyuk from Tatum, will lead a workshop on understanding the product you build and why it starts with a question: "who are we?" ▫️ Vadim Keff from T7T lab, talks about how to conduct user research ▫️ Evgeny Anisey from Tonana will hold a master class on grants and networking ▫️ Jan from The Crypto Headhunter will talk about how to create a team ▫️ Nikita Moskalenko from Hexit Capital will talk about how to start fundraising
How to sign up for a hackathon❓ 1️⃣ follow LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/events/6971828535237693440/ 2️⃣ register for merch: https://forms.gle/9ZD2aK1Y8ZtDci5A9 3️⃣ join the hackathon chat on Telegram: https://t.me/hackaton2022 4️⃣ Check out the presentation of the event: pitch.com/public/048309ef-26a8-455b-926b-2ec78d279c48
How to prepare for a hackathon❓ 1️⃣ https://github.com/romanovichim/TonFunClessons_Eng 2️⃣ https://ton.org/docs/#/ 3️⃣ https://society.ton.org/ton-hello-world-step-by-step-guide-for-writing-your-first-smart-contract-in-func 4️⃣ https://www.tonspace.co

Místo Hubhub, Perlova 5, Prague
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