Exploratory Workshops

8 June - 17 June 2023
Discussing creative and technical trends and skills in performance design and space, these workshops offer an opportunity for designers, arts managers, students and professionals to acquire knowledges and develop abilities in scenographic, digital, multimedia or physical settings, and costume-based or crafts courses.

Based on pure exploration, knowledge transmission, or tangible skill development of the individual participants, the workshops introduce digital technologies like AR or VR, negotiate spatial design or interdisciplinary relations from various perspectives, include a text-based workshop or suggest new forms like ‘psychoscenography’.

They enable practitioners from numerous disciplines to choose a workshop of their own liking, reinforcing the idea of constant improvement with special emphasis on taking a break from the cycle of creation, considering theory and research as crucial tools for refining one’s art and reflecting on how the future of performance design might look like

Price € 2400.00 - 600.00
Karlova 26
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