Women and Climate Oslo - Meet-up & Dinner

Women and Climate Oslo - Meet-up & Dinner
7 June 2023 17:00

Welcome to Women And Climate Oslo Meet-up & Dinner!

This meet-up & dinner is designed for women & people who identify as women - who are creating meaningful change through their careers. You'll leave feeling energized and motivated to make a difference in the fight against climate change, even if you don't work (yet!) in climate.

Planet-healing isn’t a spectator sport. 

It’s all hands on deck. You can be part of the solution whether you’re an engineer, scientist, journalist, marketing expert or just an all-around super girl.

We'll meet first for a drink at Pier 42 to mingle and meet everyone, and then head for a delicious vegetarian dinner at the restaurant.

All venues are inside Amerikalinjen.

Hosts: The event will be hosted by Verineia (Oslo Women & Climate City Lead)

Networking: We will send out an email pre-event with attendee names and LinkedIn profiles so you can connect in advance :)

Payment: Everyone will pay for their own drinks and food directly to the bar and restaurant.

Check out our past dinners here! Join our free slack channel to engage with our community whether you come to the dinner or not!

Price Free
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