Startups Mentorship Program

Startups Mentorship Program
10 June 2023 09:00

Startups Mentorship Program

If you are planning to start a startup business or need guidance on how to make it successful, the Startups Mentorship Program is here to help. This event is open to anyone looking for advice on product positioning, sales, marketing, investments, and exit strategies.

Whether you are in the MVP phase or already have a startup, the event provides an excellent opportunity to network with mentors and investors.

The Agenda of This Event/Program:

  • Building a Startup Business
  • Product Positioning
  • Sales and Marketing Strategies
  • Stabilizing Your Startup
  • Achieving YoY Growth
  • Investment Tactics
  • Exit Strategies
"Remember, no idea is ever too old to break or set records, and the market is always waiting for the next big thing. Join this event today and take the first step towards a successful startup business."

Price 32.64 - 80.12
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