Oslo NixOS Meetup at NAV IT

Oslo NixOS Meetup at NAV IT
18 April 2024
5:30 p.m.
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Welcome to Oslo NixOS Meetup for April, hosted by NAV IT at Helsfyr!
(Please read the NB).


  • Admission from ~14.30 for anyone who want to sit and hack nix/socialize until event starts
  • Event proper starts 17.30, w/5 - 10 min intro
  • ... Maybe more? 😏
  • @20.30 start tidying up after us and evacuate the premises!

PS: No promises wrt. food / snacks serving this time, but who knows? ^^

PPS: Got questions? Join our chat group on Matrix! #oslo:nixos.org


NB: Unfortunately the people administering NAV's building require guests to supply legal names for admission. Here's a form explaining a bit more what/why/how you can help us (and the people administering the building) pre-print name labels =)


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