Free Tournament at SHUFL - Tuesday 30th May

Free Tournament at SHUFL - Tuesday 30th May
30 May 2023 5 p.m.

Tournament series Spring 2023

In the spring of 2023, SHUFL will organise a tournament series with four free tournaments + a main final! Although there are great prizes, as always, it will be a cosy low-threshold scheme with no requirements for either skills or knowledge, and we have good employees who will help you with anything you may wonder about.

Prizes and points system:

  • The four tournament winners receive exciting prizes on the same day, great medals and free games + four home-baked pizzas on a later occasion! The four winning teams go straight to the main final.
  • Points can be accumulated to reach the main final. The team that loses the final gets 3 points, the two teams that lose the semi-finals get 2 points, and the four teams that lose the quarter-finals get 1 point.
  • The top 12 teams on points after four tournaments, (who have not won a tournament) also go straight to the main final, so there are great chances for everyone.
  • The team that wins the main final gets a gift card of 5,000 kr at SHUFL plus free games!
  • The tournament dates are: Tuesday 30th May. The main final takes place on Tuesday 6th June.
  • Tip: Come straight from work and have dinner here before the tournament, we have both outdoor seating and a large restaurant section. We will have a separate tournament menu with extra nice prices for the occasion. Plus, we've just launched an exciting new menu!

Things you should know:

  • Team tournament: 2-4 players per team
  • IMPORTANT! You MUST be there to register your team manually at the entrance BEFORE the tournament starts at 17:00 to ensure participation. Even if you have an online ticket! Yes, we have to be a bit strict here, actually.
  • Tip: Free warm-up from 16:00, so go early to register your team, warm up a bit, and get some food before the tournament begins at 17:00.
  • One person orders tickets for the whole team.
  • Group stage, all teams get more games.
  • The format is not the same as standard shuffle: each round consists of 8 stones (4 for each team), and all the stones on the table count when tallying up the points. The team with the most points wins the round (a tie gives points to both teams). First team to 3 points wins the match!
  • 20-year age limit due to serving.

Sign up now, it's going to be fun! :)

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