Developer Meetup - Design systems, Tsup, and Explorer 🔭

Developer Meetup - Design systems, Tsup, and Explorer 🔭
6 December 2023
8:30 a.m.


Meet for breakfast and a chat at 8:30, the talks start at 9:00. Let us know if you have any food allergies.

We have an awesome line-up this morning:

Tsup Starter: A new kid on the block
Alan Semenov, Engineering Manager @ Enonic

The new addition to the family of Enonic starters comes with a handful of cool features: lightning-fast build of Typescript code, integration with React, caching of static assets, and - most importantly - hot reload. In this hands-on session, Alan will demonstrate how you can quickly bootstrap a new XP application based on the Tsup starter using the new “dev” command in Enonic CLI.

How to build a search solution on Explorer 4.0
Christian Westgaard, Senior Software Engineer @ Enonic

Enonic just released a major update to the Explorer search engine that includes a GraphQL API, document types, improved UI, and more. Christian has been the lead engineer on the project and he will give a hands-on session on how you can build a search solution that aggregates and search data from different sources.

Gjensidige’s design system in Enonic XP with SSR
Thorstein Thorrud, Architect web, apps, and design system @ Gjensidige
Bobby Westberg, Discipline Leader Front-end/web @ Gjensidige

Without compromises we wanted to run our React-built design system as is within Enonic XP, using React without any knowledge of Enonic XP. The platform we built has been battle-tested: it runs 2000+ pages, and handles over 100 million user interactions, across three countries and five domains.

10:05 with headless XP, next.js, and "Aksel"
Anders Bråthen Nomerstad, developer/tech lead @ NAV

How we rebuilt with headless Enonic XP and a components-based frontend architecture. I will demonstrate how we integrate XP page components with React components from NAVs design system "Aksel", and the flexibility this has given to both our frontend developers and editor staff.

Done, but hang around if you like!

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