Conquering your own data by leveraging AI

Conquering your own data by leveraging AI
26 April 2024
8 a.m.
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Hey AI Enthusiasts! 🥪🤖

Ready to supercharge your morning with a dose of AI? Curious about how to transform your everyday data into something extraordinary? Or maybe you’re itching to know what’s the deal with traditional AI vs. its cooler, younger sibling, generative AI? Well, you're in luck!

Come enjoy a breakfast meetup where we'll explore the world of AI and how you can make the most of your data. This event is perfect for everyone, whether you're an AI pro, a hobbyist, or just curious.

  • Traditional vs. Generative AI: Understand the differences, strengths, and when to use each type.
  • Master Your Data: Uncover strategies to harness the power of AI with your data for impressive outcomes.
  • Overcoming Challenges in Generative AI Projects: Gain insights on the hurdles of creating generative AI projects and how to tackle them.
  • Real Success Stories: Dive into real success stories from collaboration with our customers, where significant business impact were made through AI.

⏰ Agenda & Speakers:

07:30 - 08:00 - Doors open and mingling
Enjoy good sandwich, tasty bakeries, smoothie, juice or coffee.

08:00 - 08:05 - Welcome and Introduction
Get to know Netlight, and our gracious hosts.

08:05 - 08:55 - Talks starting by
Sebastian Aas & Kristian Tveiten
Kristoffer K. Rødvei & Bendik Haugen

08:55 - 09:00 - Wrap up and Q&A


Please sign-up through the confetti-link:

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