Beyond Budgeting - Rethinking how we manage organizations

Beyond Budgeting - Rethinking how we manage organizations
7 December 2023
9 a.m.


Beyond Budgeting is a progressive set of leadership principles and management processes proven to free organizations of "command and control" cultures and improve performance.

Beyond Budgeting is challenging the two main assumptions behind traditional management: that the future is predictable and that people can't be trusted. Beyond Budgeting is a tested and proven management model that helps organizations perform better by being more adaptive and people-focused.

Beyond Budgeting offers effective command and control management alternatives, including traditional Budgeting. The 12 Beyond Budgeting principles strongly focus on coherence between what is said and what is done in organizations.

Beyond Budgeting, implementations vary in scope, from budget process improvement to broader organizational transformation. If your organization is on an agile transformation journey, there is no way around addressing the budgeting process and mindset.

Beyond Budgeting is Business Agility in practice!

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