29 April 2024
10 a.m.

Celebrate World Art Day 2024 with New Masters Academy! Join NMA in celebrating all artists on April 15th, 2024.

Full Day of Events Include:

Free Timed Figure Draw-Along Event: Participate in a communal figure drawing event, perfect for artists of all levels to practice, challenge themselves, and connect with the global NMA community. Bonus Gift: Attendees will receive an exclusive free download link for a premium reference image package, showcasing high-resolution, quality visuals to enhance your artistic creations.

Free Exclusive Live Class: Join us for the first session in our Live Class Series: "Art Through the Ages: An Exploration of Art History" with esteemed NMA Instructor Laura Sonnek. Free

Exclusive Live Demonstration: Join Coach Marian Littlejohn as she provides a monoprinting demo! Participants will witness the creative process in real time, learn various techniques, and see how a professional navigates the artistic challenges that arise during monoprinting.

Exciting Education & Academy Updates: In the final hour of our celebration, we'll unveil groundbreaking news and updates about NMA. Stay tuned for these exclusive announcements that will provide insights into the expansive future of your art education journey.

Giveaways & Grand Raffle - Win an iPad & Apple pencil! Participate in our World Art Day Raffle for a chance to win the latest iPad and Apple pencil, NMA scholarships, and exclusive swag items—including the coveted NMA X Vilppu Drawing Manual! Stay tuned for a full schedule of events with direct links, which we'll post as April 15th draws near, ensuring you won't miss a moment of this artistic celebration. Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to our students, Instructors, and Coaches for being integral to NMA's journey toward a new renaissance in artistic craftsmanship. It's your commitment and passion that fuel our excitement to host our second annual celebration of the arts, a testament to our shared commitment to artistic excellence. We look forward to celebrating with you on April 15th.

LIVE Instructor to Instructor Q&A Sessions: Engage with the minds of NMA's instructors in educational peer-to-peer interview sessions, including:

Instructor Larissa Marantz interviewing Instructor Ron Husband

NMA Founder Joshua Jacobo interviewing Instructor Glenn Vilppu

Instructor Catherine Bobkoski interviewing Instructor Bill Perkins

Coach Iman Zadrozny interviewing Instructor Iliya Mirochnik

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