Serving Compassion through Healing Justice Series: Doris Hampton

    Serving Compassion through Healing Justice Series: Doris Hampton
    11 June 2023
    6 p.m.


    The Tadini House is a non-profit organization that offers support to returning citizens and to families whose loved one is facing a criminal case. The organization is aware that mass incarceration is a major issue in the US, with disproportionate impact on Black and Brown people, our loved ones, due to systemic racism, poverty, and limited opportunities. Trauma is an outcome of these issues and mindfulness and meditation have become important skills for healing.

    The Tadini House (TtH), being spiritually based, sees the importance of spiritual practices for healing in the reentry process. Given the importance of mindfulness and meditation, the Tadini House is reaching out to the Buddhist practioners through an online series called "Serving Compassion through Healing Justice".

    In this series we invite guest speakers to engage the Buddhist community in a conversation related to compassionate service in reentry settings. We follow-up this series with a training program for Buddhist practitioners interested in working with us, the Tadini House, and forming a community for care and service. The training is sponsored by the Frederick P. Lenz Foundation for American Buddhism and the Kataly Foundation. Registration is now open.

    Guest Speaker

    Our first guest is Doris Hampton, she has over 30 years experience as trainer, mentor & implementer of Sathya Sai Baba Education in Human Values (SSEHV) community and school programs. The idea of "head, heart, and hands" is central to the Education in Human Values (EHV) approach. It emphasizes the importance of developing a holistic education that engages not only the intellect or "head" but also the emotions or "heart" and practical skills or "hands." By integrating the "head, heart, and hands" approach, EHV seeks to provide a comprehensive education that fosters the development of responsible, compassionate, and ethical individuals who can contribute to a more harmonious and just society.

    The founder of The Tadini House, PJ Boone-Edgerton Longoni, has been trained in SSEHV with the goal of intentially incorporating human values in the development and structures of The Tadini House community.

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