Monthly #FirstFridayFair Business, Data & Tech (Virtual Event) - #SIN

    Monthly #FirstFridayFair Business, Data & Tech (Virtual Event) - #SIN
    2 June 2023 11 a.m.

    Monthly #FirstFridayFair Business, Data & Tech (Virtual Event)

    Are you looking for a career fair that you can join from the comfort of your own home? #FirstFridayFair (#FFF) might be the perfect event for you!

    • #FFF is the world's largest attended career fair, with around 170,000 professionals and 7,000 recruiting companies.
    • It is a data science and software development focused career fair that is delivered straight to your desktop.
    • All the inefficiencies from the career fair have been removed, while everything that makes it a successful event has been added.
    • The event is delivered via, which is the world's fastest growing AI-led career development platform.

    Event Details

    The #FirstFridayFair takes place on the first Friday of every month with a focus on business, data, and technology hiring. You can join the event over platform.

    How to participate

    To participate, simply follow these steps:

    1. Create an account on
    2. Visit and register your interest.
    3. Go to the #FirstFridayFair JobExpo settings page to complete your profile.
    4. 2-3 days before the event, JobSeekers participants with the completed profile will be contacted about the possible matches on their profile.
    5. On the day of the event, JobSeekers and Recruiters will visit their JobExpo page to participate in #FirstFridayFair JobExpo.

    If you're interested in joining a career fair that's accessible, efficient, and impactful, #FirstFridayFair is the event for you.

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