MINDSHOP™️|Build Scalable Products using Information Architecture

    MINDSHOP™️|Build Scalable Products using Information Architecture
    3 June 2023 3 p.m.

    Keys features

    2 hours of self paced course

    Design challenges

    Project evaluation

    Hands-out materials

    + Free IA Ebook 🚀

    Highly recommended pre-requisite: Design Thinking Core Workshop 

    You can find it here: katusop.com/store

    What is this MINDSHOP about? 

    Module 1: Identify the 5 components that construct an effective Information Architecture 

    • Structure types
    • Organization schemes
    • Label names
    • Search
    • Logic

    Module 2: Dive deep into information behaviors of users

    • Mental models and scenarios
    • Task flow sketching

    Module 3: Evaluating information architecture (IA)

    • Return on investment (ROI) of IA
    • Identify issues and potential solutions
    • Measuring baseline performance
    • testing structure, schemes, and labels (overview only)

    The benefits of IA include:

    Improved usability: IA helps users navigate and find the information they need quickly and easily.

    Increased efficiency: IA reduces the time and effort required to find and use information.

    Enhanced user experience: IA improves the overall experience of using a website or application by making it more intuitive and user-friendly.

    Better search: IA improves the effectiveness of search functionality by ensuring that relevant content is easily discoverable.

    Increased engagement: IA can increase engagement with a website or application by making it more usable and relevant to users.

    Better scalability and maintainability: IA helps ensure that a website or application can be easily expanded and updated over time.

    Who is it for? 

    • Entrepreneurs: Solo Rider
    • Founder teams: CXOs
    • Designers: UX/UI Designers, Product Managers, future Information Architects **
    • Builders: Engineers/Devs
    • Freelancers: Self-employed one-business Boss
    • Consultants: Self-employed mentors/Coaches
    • User Interface designers who wish to expand their career towards Design Thinking Umbrella (focus on UX Design)


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