Loving God and a Catechesis of Civic Discipleship

Loving God and a Catechesis of Civic Discipleship
25 April 2024
11 a.m.

Today’s moral and social challenges are complex, and Christians are often ill-equipped to address the disruptions and disputes of ideological battles. Malformed responses to the challenges expose not only deficiencies of theological imagination but also a frailty of discipleship. How does Scripture encompass culture and human flourishing as an essential aspect of faith? In response to theological reflection, we will explore practices of discipleship—a catechesis of civic discipleship—that seek to be faithful to a distinctive Christian identity and to foster a rich life in common with others in our pluralistic society.

Dennis Edwards (PhD Catholic University of America) is Vice President for Church Relations and Dean of the Seminary at North Park University. He is the author of multiple books, including a commentary on 1-peter1">span> (Zondervan Academic, 2017), ">span> (Herald, 2019), and (Herald,">span>(Herald, 2020).

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