30 May 2023 6:30 p.m.

    Are hot flushes keeping you awake? Do you feel anxious, stressed or struggle to take a deep breath? Do you experience menopausal brain fog?

    Or, you just want to include scientifically proven, side-effect free and immediately effective Breathwork techniques into your Meno-toolkit?

    This workshop is ideal for you!

    During your menopause, changes in hormones start a whole host of symptoms that you have not experienced before. Adding to that your body in a stressed state, it is no wonder menopause may be effecting your health, wellbeing, work, relationships and enjoyment of life.

    Scientifically proven BREATHWORK techniques should be part of your essential toolkit in all stages of menopause.

    Whether you may already be using hormonal therapies or natural remedies, learn Breathwork to tap into the natural, immediately effective power of your breath and take back control.

    This Online workshop is designed to empower you and start your breathwork journey with core breathwork techniques.

    Join me from the comfort of your home and immerse yourself in your breath.

    ➡️ What will you get for £35?

    • GUIDED PRACTICE VIDEO of the BREATHWORK TECHNIQUES: It is ok, if you can't make it or need to leave hald way. Once you book booked your place, you will receive the video, so that you can catch up and experience the breathwork in your own time. It is for you to keep!

    In this informative and experiential workshop you will:

    • LEARN

    - What is Breathwork?

    - Science of Breathwork and its science-backed benefits to Menopause

    - EXPERIENCE 6 safe and essential Breathwork Techniques for Menopause, in guided practices led by Melike (applicable to all stages of menopause)

    - Q&A. Melike will answer any questions you may have.

    ➡️ A special discount for you

    Do you want to discover your unique breathing pattern and start to learn Breathwork tailored to you and your objectives?

    Once signed up, you will also receive a special discount, £35 OFF from your Initial Signature Breathwork Session with Melike.

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    ➡️ About Melike, your host

    Melike Hussein is a Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Conscious Breathwork Coach and a Qualified Nurse.

    She brings her 16 years of training (medical, mindfulness and breathwork) and extensive field experience with her clients, delivering a science-based and safe solutions to her clients.

    Navigating her own Menopause journey, Melike is passionate to share and make accessible the Breathwork techniques tried and tested by herself and her clients to others.

    She is the founder of BreathZone, a wellness company dedicated to optimise individual and employee health, wellbeing and performance combining scientifically proven tools of Breathwork (aka Conscious Breathing), Mindfulness and Meditation with the medical science.

    Melike’s holistic health journey started following 15 years of successful career as Finance Director. A stress-induced burnout left her temporarily paralysed with loss of her speech and movement.

    Astounded by the complete transformation in her body and mind within a short space of time, thanks to Conscious Breathing and Mindfulness practices, Melike was inspired share them with others. In both fields, she trained with world-renowned masters, institutions and Medical Doctors, conducting research in their fields.

    Widely featured in broadsheets and publications, Melike works with private clients, institutions and corporations, offering one to one sessions to her private clients, bespoke training events to her corporate clients as well as public workshops and courses.

    Melike works with her private and corporate clients in a wide range of subjects including Stress and Anxiety management; Building Resilience; Preventing Burnout; Tackling sleep-related issues and Sleep well; Menopause health and wellbeing, Train attention and focus for efficiency and performance.

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    • Is this workshop suitable for me?

    Yes. It is suitable for all adults. Breathing techniques I will teach and you will experience are gentle and can easily be practiced easily.

    However, if you have a pre-existing health condition, please consult with your doctor before attending.

    • Do I need previous Breathwork experience?

    No. It is suitable for participants with no previous breath-work experience and experienced breathers alike.

    • Do I need to have anything ready?

    To have the best immersive experience, I recommend you to find a comfortable and quiet space that you will not be disturbed during this event.

    During the session, you can practice the breathwork techniques in a seated position, on a chair, sofa or floor.

    For one or two of the techniques, you may find it more comfortable to practice lying down. In our session, I will remind you which techniques can be practiced lying down. Please have a comfortable space to lay down and breathe. A blanket and pillow can make the your experience more comfortable.

    A bottle of water is recommended as breathing techniques we will practice will make us thirsty.

    • What can I wear?

    Wearing loose, comfortable and warm clothes – not restricting the belly and chest – are particularly suitable.

    Price 35.00
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