Book Pre-Launch Secrets Bootcamp: Get Paid To Publish — Oslo

    Book Pre-Launch Secrets Bootcamp: Get Paid To Publish  — Oslo
    5 April 2023 6 p.m.

    Book Pre-Launch and Bestseller Book Bootcamp

    Are you an aspiring author who wants to learn the secrets of effectively publishing and monetizing your book? Then you're in luck because two upcoming bootcamps in Oslo will teach you just that!

    Book Pre-Launch Secrets Bootcamp: Get Paid To Publish

    Join Sush, Founding Partner of Global Book Publishing, in a 2-hour virtual masterclass that will teach aspiring authors how to monetize their pre-launch period and overcome financial hurdles in the publishing process. With quotes ranging anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000+, self-publishing a high-quality book isn't cheap. However, there are proven ways to find the capital you need for your book. Learn the hidden secrets on how you, too, can build a business around your book and become a successful author in 2023, even if you're at the ideation stage. Attendees from past events rave about the amount of valuable knowledge they've gained from the workshops, making them one of the best publishing workshops they've ever attended.

    Bestseller Book Bootcamp -Write, Market & Publish Your Book

    For new authors looking to avoid the top five mistakes in the publishing process and learn new-age publishing secrets, join Susmita, Founder and CEO of Global Book Publishing, in a three-hour virtual Bootcamp. The workshop teaches everything about book writing and publishing, including insider secrets and strategies, top mistakes to avoid, marketing tips, complete publishing process, and more. All you need to do is register your seat today for free, and you'll be well on your way to becoming an author of a well-published book in 60 days.

      • Learn how to start writing and publishing your book regardless of which 'Publishing Path' you choose
      • Learn the top five mistakes to avoid while publishing
      • How to effectively market and monetize your book
      • A step-by-step explanation of the Complete Publishing Process
      • Know the pros and cons of different publishing paths
      • Royalties and costs associated with each type of book

    The Bootcamp attendees from past events couldn't be happier with the amount of knowledge and valuable insights they've gained from the workshop, making it one of the best publishing Bootcamps they've ever attended. The event is live and interactive ONLINE Bootcamp, and everyone, including non-fiction writers, fiction writers, and children book writers, can benefit from the processes and strategies taught.

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