Elixir @ Discord and Network Protocols - December Meetup

Elixir @ Discord and Network Protocols - December Meetup
6 December 2023
6:30 p.m.


The New York City Elixir meetup is back after a long hiatus with a new logo!

When / Where
Come join us December 6th at the Talener offices near Grand Central

We will have two speakers from the NYC Elixir community speaking about their experiences using Elixir in different professional capacities.

Snacks and beverages will be provided by our kind hosts at Talener. Plan to stay to mingle and meet the community! After meetup drinks at a nearby pub will be sponsored by Empex.


Elixir at Discord and Beyond (20-30 minutes)
A case study talk about my experience and lessons learning using Elixir to power the backend of a seed-stage realtime social media startup, all the way up to using it at massive scale at Discord.
by Jacob Bleser

CoAP and OTP: Implementing a new network protocol in Elixir (20-30 minutes)
Learn about how Ernesto implemented the CoAP protocol using Elixir and OTP. He'll speak about why they are such a great fit due to features such as binary pattern matching, and how OTP helped him stand on the shoulders of giants.
by Ernesto Malave

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