To Forgive Is To Be Free - A Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation Workshop.

To Forgive Is To Be Free -  A Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation Workshop.
4 February 2023
10:45 a.m.

TO FORGIVE IS TO BE FREE - A workshop in the art of forgiveness, with renowned yoga teacher Rochelle Fisher.

  • What does peace feel like for you?
  • How would your body feel if you were free from all resentment?
  • What would be possible if you put down your shame?

Many of us have been hurt by other people, just as many of us have done some things and/or behaved in some ways that we're not proud of. This is what it is to be human. It can become problematic for us and our energy reserves when we direct resentment and shame towards ourselves.

Holding the energies of anger and disappointment holds us back from living to our fullest expression. When we do this, we can become guarded, mistrustful of others and even ourselves.

Imagine living free from these heavy energies. Imagine cutting the ties to the past instead of reliving it over and over in the present. This outcome is entirely possible and forms foundation of what we'll be exploring within this workshop.

About the experience:

This workshop will include breathwork, mantra, kundalini, meditation and yoga Nidra. We will join together in ceremony to release, to forgive and to lighten our souls allowing us to walk through 2023 with less weight and more love.

Rochelle will be sharing learnings and powerful tools gathered from her teachers: Guru Singh, Brett Larkin, Duncan Peak.

Light refreshments and snacks will be available for integration and grounding.

About your facilitator: Rochelle Fisher @yoga_by_rochelle

Rochelle struggled to forgive for many years. She held onto resentment and it fermented like poison, bleeding out into her manifestations and relationships. Rochelle also struggled to forgive herself so she would self-sabotage and carry around a feeling of unworthiness wherever she went. This energy then progressed to showing up in her career, finances and relationships.

Thankfully, through various yoga teachers Rochelle has been fortunate enough to learn from, she has mastered the art of forgiveness and it has transformed not just her life, but the lives of her students too.

Things to note:

Arrive with a willingness to leave your fears and shame on the mat.

Centre of You has plenty of bolsters, blankets, and cushions for you to get cosy with. Wear comfortable, lose clothes to allow ease of movement and deep breathing. A journal is recommended as are any familiar personal items that will aid you in feeling grounded (crystal, teddy, scarf, etc).

Arrival: Endeavour to arrive between 10:30am - 10:45am. To preserve the experience for all involved, doors will close at 11am. Truly, it breaks our heart to have to turn latecomers away yet the disruption to the whole group experience by virtue of lateness does require management. We ask that you find understanding and consideration for the timebound nature of the container and make every effort to arrive on time.

Driving: Centre of You is located upon Chapel Street and while you may get lucky with an untimed spot, predominantly 1 and 2 hour parking is available (unmetered from 5pm). So you can fully settle into the practice, we suggest you avoid the need to move your car or risk a fine and park at the CARe multilevel carpark (8-14 King Street Prahran), a 140-metre walk from COY. 3 hours parking will be charged at $6.90.

Public transport - tram: Both the number 6 tram & 78 tram stop on the corner of High St/Chapel St. This is stop 31 on the number 6 tram (Moreland/Glen Iris) & stop 45 on the number 78 tram (North Richmond/Balaclava).

Public transport - train: Both Prahran & Windsor stations along the Sandringham Line will get you walking distance to Centre of You.

Finding Centre of You: Centre of You is nestled within the arcade that Chapel St Bazaar is in (217 Chapel St). It is up a flight of stairs with a wide landing at the half-way-point. Unfortunately, this current version of Centre of You does not have a wheelchair accessible lift. If you could use support in getting up the stairs or would like to discuss ways to make your experience at Centre of You more comfortable, please reach out via or via DM over on Centre of You Instagram.

Accessibility: At COY we aim to ensure our community and events are inclusive and accessible while alongside upholding the needs and responsibilities of our business and the businesses of our collaborating facilitators. Should you be in a time of financial challenge and unable to pay the full ticket price comfortably, please reach out via or via DM over on Centre of You Instagram

Ticketing T&Cs: We get it, life happens, therefore we will gladly refund you up until 24hrs before the event start time. After that, we have a strict no refund/no transfer to future events policy.

If you are no longer able to attend and wish to pay forward your ticket to someone within the community, be in touch via or via DM over on Centre of You Instagram.

Questions? Email or reach out via Instagram DM.

Price 75.00
Venue Centre of You
Upstairs, 217 Chapel St Prahran, Melbourne, VIC 3181, Australia
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